Unused Ticket Management


Providing your employees tools to book and manage travel with ease will allow you to gain insight into your travel spend and trends. The result: smarter decisions on your managed travel program.


Never lose the value of an unused ticket due to lack of management. Provide travelers with access to ticket information at the point of purchase. Get unused ticket reports delivered to your inbox and save thousands!


Even with all the communication and technology at your fingertips, business plans can still be unpredictable. Meetings get canceled and rescheduled on a daily basis, making unused airline tickets an inevitable part of any corporate travel program. But why should that mean an inevitable loss? With our unused ticket management solutions, we ensure you retain the most value from your unused tickets, whether you booked online or with one of our dedicated travel professionals. Our technology solutions allow you to track and access unused ticket data through online reporting tools, giving you better control of your travel dollars that would otherwise go to waste. More control = more savings.

Here is what you can expect:

Helping you Retain the Full Value – 4 days before any trip, we send an email notice to all travelers reminding them that they have an unused ticket.  The purpose is to let them know that they have an unused ticket and that if they are not planning to travel that they should cancel their trip prior to the travel date.  This ensures that the full value of the ticket is not lost.

Unused Ticket Reports – every month, your company will receive a full report on every unused ticket that is still available.  You will get the name of the traveler, the airline, the ticket value and when it expires.  With this type of information available to you at your fingertips, you will always be in the know.

Proactive Steps – when your travelers log into our online booking technologies, they will be reminded that they have an unused ticket as they book their next trip.  This reminder will give them the proactive information that they need to use their unused ticket.   When they call our experienced travel consultants, they will be advised that they have an unused ticket as well.  No more having to remember or guessing.


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