Travel Policy Development


We look at your total travel spend beyond air, car and hotel to include airport parking, chauffeur car services and dining — just to name a few. With the help of our consultation program, as well as our expertise in supplier negotiation, your company can realize savings of up to 20%.


Don’t neglect the most important aspect of your company’s travel program. Through our expertise, gain the tools and knowledge needed to create an effective travel policy that supports your company and your travelers.


The establishment of a travel policy is of major importance to an organization for controlling travel and entertainment expenses. Employees cannot be expected to follow guidelines when there are no guidelines to follow. Consequently, many employees do not take advantage of cost saving opportunities that can dramatically reduce the travel costs incurred by an organization.

When employees are aware of budgetary constraints, they respond accordingly. A policy encourages compliance among travelers by setting reasonable guidelines, explaining the rationale behind them and describing penalties for non-compliance. A strong policy also provides negotiating leverage for a company, to indicate to a potential supplier its ability to move volume and market share.

There is no standard policy that will satisfy every corporation. Montrose Travel Corporate Services will help you design, implement and update a complete written travel policy, detailing set procedures for travelers to follow. By following the policy, your people will be able to sustain maximum control and savings for the company.

We have created simple-to-use Written Travel Policy development tools designed to streamline the process, as well as easy-to-use templates and completed sample policies to help speed up the process of creating your own policy. Once your policy is complete, you can count on Montrose Travel to assist in its execution, adherence and continued modification.


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