Dining out while you travel should be easy process. Take a few moments to review OpenTable and take one less worry out of your next trip. You will never have to waste your travel time calling around to restaurants trying to find a table again.

What is OpenTable?
OpenTable is a service that allows you to make reservations at thousands of restaurants in cities globally. You are able to make bookings at any time, sort by area, type of cuisine, price and have access to reviews. They also offer a points program so you are able to earn free meals the more you use the service.

Website and an App Option
OpenTable offers the option of a website, located at http://www.opentable.com and an app you can download. You can do nearly anything you can do on the full site from the app, including making reservations; reviews and even signing up to be a member.

What You Need to Know
To get started, just go to the website or download the app. There are a few things you need to consider. First, not every restaurant is on OpenTable. Luckily, there are plenty available, with reviews and menus, so you can get an idea of what to expect before you make a reservation. Secondly, some restaurants may expect you to call and confirm the reservation. Finally, you will have access to cancelation options through the app, so if you decide you will not be able to make it on time to your reservation you are able to cancel or change the time.

OpenTable is a great resource for busy business travelers. Whether you're looking to make a reservation at the last minute, or well in advance, OpenTable can certainly help. For more tips and resources, you're always welcome to contact your Montrose Travel Account Manager.


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