Montrose Travel

Last week, Travel Weekly released their “2016 Power List” of top agencies. The list contains 58 agencies with Montrose Travel ranking 41 and CTM ranking 12.

We are very proud to be listed on this list. We understand that there is considerable amount of competition for each transaction we handle and we know we are required to earn the trust, respect and continued loyalty on each and every reservation we make.


2016 rankings are based on 2015 sales. The rankings show Montrose Travel and CTM separate. In future lists, the Montrose Travel numbers will show under CTM with acquisition being official Jan 1, 2016.

As a reminder, Montrose Travel was acquired on Jan 1, 2016 by CTM. Bringing our organizations together enables us to deliver more powerful solutions to you as a company that operates in 82 cities, across 53 countries, on four continents, and that employs over 2,000 staff worldwide with annual sales in excess of US $3 billion.


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