Allow us to introduce you to our family - We are Montrose Travel.

Montrose Travel is one of America’s Top 40 Travel Management companies, with over 220 employees, 500 + independent contractors and over $270 million in gross sales. Our 6 operating divisions are located in the beautiful town of Montrose, California.

Our travel professionals pride themselves on personally handling every aspect of your travel arrangements, no matter what direction you’re headed in or what time it is. Travelers love our hands-on approach to quality personal service and unsurpassed value—we think you will too.

Unlike other travel companies, Montrose Travel is big enough to accommodate your sometimes challenging needs, yet small enough to sincerely care about your business.

We welcome you to our company and to our family with the sincere hope that you give us the chance to earn your confidence, your business, and your friendship.

…and we’re darn proud of it!

Montrose Travel history goes back to 1956. Not many travel companies can say that, so we hope you’ll indulge us for just a minute while we take you on a quick tour of our past, present and future. Montrose Travel is a true family business. Since our humble beginnings as the local travel agency, the McClure family has worked hard to uphold our mission to “Helping people travel. One at a time.”

Smart business decisions and aggressive management along with a “Yes We Can” philosophy has allowed us to grow steadily through tough times. In 1990, when Joe, Julie and Andi took over, there were 45,000 travel agencies—today there are less than 14,000.

Don’t let our dusty skeletons fool you, we take pride in our history but we revel at our bright future. We are a debt free company—that’s right, debt free. We are positioned to grow, to anticipate the future and to attack it head on. We’ll be here tomorrow to back our promises of today because the passion that flows through our veins can’t be learned in a book or a classroom—it’s in our DNA.


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