If you're heading on a business trip this summer amidst hordes of summer vacationers, even the little things can make a difference between an enjoyable trip and a frustrating one. To help you survive your summer travel, we've amassed our favorite travel hacks. Some of these may be familiar to you but we think you'll also find a few surprises.

        1. Sign up for TSA Precheck if you travel frequently. For $85 in the U.S. and $100 for overseas travel, you can get through the security lines much more quickly.
        2. If traveling with someone, reserve the aisle and window seats of a bank of three seats. The middle seats are selected last, so you may end up with an empty seat between you.
        3. If traveling internationally, get a flavor for the country you're visiting by flying their national airline.
        4. Ask your credit card company about free rental car insurance. Most cardholders don't even know that they qualify for this perk.
        5. Make sure to call your credit card companies and your bank before you travel. You don't want a charge to be denied when traveling due to suspected suspicious activity.
        6. Make copies of all of your important travel documents and stow them away from the originals. It's a lot easier to get your credit cards and passport replaced when you have a copy of the original document. Another option - scan the documents and store your digital copies in the cloud.
        7. Keep a pre-packed toiletry bag at home. It will help cut the stress of those last-minute trips.
        8. Stow a dryer sheet in your luggage. This will help keep your clothes from getting that stale smell.
        9. Wrap your shoes in one of those disposable shower caps when you pack them. This is an easy way to keep the dirt on your shoes or sandals from getting on the rest of your clothes.
        10. Use plastic wrap to keep bottles from leaking in your suitcase. Place a little plastic wrap over the opening of your shampoo, moisturizer and other bottles before you screw on the cap to help prevent leaking.
        11. Insert a cotton ball in your blush or powder compact. This will help the product from breaking.
        12. Use a binder clip to protect your razor. This will also prevent your razor from snagging your clothes.
        13. Use a pill container for your jewelry. Those pill boxes with separate compartments are ideal for keeping your jewelry from getting tangled in transit.
        14. Use old contact cases for small travel size amounts of lotions. Since you can't travel with full-size toiletries in your carry-on bags, such old contact cases for traveling with just the right amount of these items.
        15. Roll your clothes instead of folding. You'll avoid those nasty creases and you’ll also maximize your luggage space.
        16. Pack a few tea bags. Coffee can be unpredictable at your destination but you can find hot water virtually anywhere.
        17. Use the USB port on the hotel's television set if you forget the wall plug for your electronics.
        18. Invest in a portable charger. For those times when you just can't find an electrical outlet.
        19. Pack the heaviest items near the wheels of your suitcase. They'll end up there anyway.
        20. Invest in a portable luggage scale. You'll avoid those costly surprises at the airport.
        21. Pack a portable door lock. Adding that extra bit of security can help you sleep better at night.
        22. Instead of letting those extra foreign coins cluttering up your desk drawer at home, hand them out to homeless people on your last day in the city.

Traveling on business during the summer doesn't have to be a hassle. Use a few of our easy travel hacks to help make your trip go more smoothly.


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