Our Management Team

Our Management Team

Joe McClure, President & CEO
Joe McClure

Joe McClure and his team have built a small mom and pop travel agency into a powerful $135+ million Travel Management Company, now ranked as one of the largest in the United States. After earning his BS from Northridge and his MBA in Marketing and Finance from USC, Joe worked in Finance for the Coca-Cola Company and in Product Management for the Dole Package Foods Company. Joe's wife, Julie, is the CFO of Montrose Travel. They have two beautiful children, a 17-year old daughter Marissa and 14-year old son Joey IV.

Julie McClure, Chief Financial Officer
Julie McClure
Chief Financial Officer

After graduating from high school on the beautiful island of Maui, Julie ventured to Loyola Marymount University to get her BS in Accounting. Upon graduating, Julie became a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and received her public accounting experience with Peat Marwick Mitchell in Los Angeles. From there, Julie became the Manager of Accounting at First Deposit Corporation in San Francisco. Now with Montrose Travel since 1989, Julie has two beautiful children, Marissa and Joey, and one challenging husband.

Andi McClure-Mysza, Co-President of Montrose Travel and President of MTravel
Andi McClure-Myszag
Co-President of Montrose Travel and President of MTravel

Andi began her career in the travel business by being introduced to the brochure room annual cleaning process at a young age! Prior to joining Montrose Travel as an "adult", she received her BS in Marketing at California State University, Northridge in 1983 and her MBA in Marketing and Finance from the University of Southern California in 1985. Upon graduation, she worked at Hunt-Wesson Foods as the Product Manager of Peter Pan Peanut Butter, followed by several years at the Kellogg Company managing several large cereal brands, including Frosted Flakes. In 1990, she and her brother, Joe, rejoined Montrose Travel and have lead the company through years of growth. Andi currently oversees MTravel.com, our home-based agent and independent contractor programs. She married Dave in 2000 and they are the proud parents of Jessica, David, and one cute cat, Benjy.

Kate Bernier, Manager, Agent Sales Leisure and Romance Divisions
Kate Bernierg
Manager, Agent Sales Leisure and Romance Divisions

Kate began her travel career with Delta Airlines as a 'Gate Agent' at Burbank Airport. She wanted to get more involved with the traveler's decision making process. Montrose Travel gave her that opportunity in 1989. Kate started as an assistant (trainee) and "learned her way up" to handling worldwide vacations. In January of 1998, Kate realized her dream of developing a Honeymoon Division. In July of 2003, Kate stepped up and filled an open position of Manager of the Leisure Division. At this time Kate runs the Leisure Division out of our Vacation Center at 2349 Honolulu Avenue.

Nancy Bland, Business Development/Key Account Manager - Groups/Meetings/Incentive Division
Nancy Bland
Business Development/Key Account Manager - Groups/Meetings/Incentive Division

Nancy graduated from Woodbury University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in the Professional Arts, specializing in Interior Design. She had her own Interior Design company for a year, but decided to follow her love of travel and entered the travel industry, which she has been in since 1972. In 1975, Nancy moved to Montrose Travel where she has been for over 3 decades. During her career at Montrose Travel, Nancy has held many positions, but her real love has been working with groups. She actually started the Groups/Meetings/Incentive Division and was the Manager of that division until she "tired" to semi-retire in 2003. Having decided that retirement was not for her, she returned full-time in 2006 as the Group Division's Business Development Manager/Key Account Manager. Occasionally, Nancy is even able to take advantage of her college training when she puts on her meeting planner hat - those floor plans are a breeze with her background. Nancy was one of the first travel agents in the world to be awarded the title Master Cruise Counselor. Having sailed on over 200 cruises, Nancy is truly a cruise expert. Nancy has a daughter, 3 granddaughters, 3 miniature dachshunds, 2 black cats, and been married to Ira for almost 4 decades.

Nicole Fenton, Executive Assistant to the President
Nicole Fenton
Executive Assistant to the President

Nicole joined Montrose Travel in the Commercial Division as a Receptionist in July 2001. In March of 2002, she took on the position of Executive Assistant to the President and joined Montrose Travel's Management Team. In addition to working with Joe, Nicole works very closely with both the Leisure and Corporate Receptionists to make sure we are providing the highest level of customer service.

Igor Guman, Manager, Dispatch Department
Igor Guman
Manager, Dispatch Department

Born and raised in Slovakia, a small country in the heart of Europe, Igor obtained his diploma in Hotel & Catering studies and postgraduate certification in Accounting and Information Technology at Hotel Academy. He left Slovakia in 1996 to learn English and to find better career opportunities.

He and his beautiful wife Katarina settled in London and for 6 1/2 years ran their own employment agency. Again, searching for a better life, Igor and Katarina accepted temporary positions with Montrose Travel. Igor provided coverage as the Dispatch Supervisor, then served as the Marketing and Product Specialist in our Commercial Division.

In 2004, Igor returned to a permanent designation as the Dispatch Supervisor. His strong organizational and cost control skills ensure the highest level of customer service in the all-important document delivery and Direct Mail portion of our business.

In December 2010, Igor was promoted to Manager of the Dispatch Department. Companywide, he has done a remarkable job of managing and streamlining the incredible amount of inbound and outbound mail generated daily. In addition to many other daily tasks, Igor also supports the past-due commission collection efforts.

Moumene Hamadi, Director, Web Development
Moumene Hamadi
Director, Web Development

Born and raised in Algeria, Moumene completed his Engineering degree in Electrical Engineering / Telecommunication from the National Institute of Electricity and Electronics, Algeria, in June 1994. Post graduation, Moumene decided to relocate to the United States to further his career. Luckily, AIR4LESS.com - a division of Montrose Travel - found Moumene and snatched him off the market. Working as a successful travel agent until 1998, Moumene was quickly promoted to help design, program and develop AIR4LESS.com's Desktop, Point of Sale, Quality Control and Automated Ticketing applications.

Upon completing his technological tasks with AIR4LESS.com, Moumene then joined Montrose Travel as a lead developer, helping to build Montrose Travel's many websites.

In July of 2007, Moumene was promoted to manage Montrose Travel's entire website design and development group.

Jamie Hoff, Director, Loyalty Solutions, Leisure Sales & Marketing
Jamie Hoff
Director, Loyalty Solutions, Leisure Sales & Marketing

In the travel industry since 1993, Jamie joined Montrose Travel in 1995. During her tenure, Jamie has been a leader throughout the company. After showing success on both Montrose Travel's Leisure Division and Corporate Division Sales Teams, she was promoted in 2000 to lead Montrose Travel's Marketing Department. In May 2001, the management of the Leisure Sales Team was added to her responsibility. With a track record of continued success, by 2002 Jamie was again given greater responsibility and took ownership of all of Montrose Travel Loyalty program relationships. She has since lead the implementation of each of our multi-million dollar Credit/Debit Card Rewards Programs and continues to maintain direct responsibility for our Loyalty Solutions, Marketing & Leisure Sales Teams. Jamie is a graduate of California State University, Northridge.

Julia Pfeiffer-Hogg, Manager, Marketing
Julia Pfeiffer-Hogg
Manager, Marketing

Julia joined the Montrose Travel team in 2003 after graduating Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a BS in Marketing. She worked as a Marketing Coordinator for 6 years and was actively involved in project management for many of our marketing initiatives. In September 2009, Julia was promoted to Marketing Manager and looks forward to the many new challenges ahead.

Rhonda Holguin, General Manager
Rhonda Holguin
General Manager, Associate Training and Development Department

Rhonda joined Montrose Travel in 1988. The Montrose Travel Mission Statement requires our Associates to provide an instantaneous level of consistent, personal service at every customer touchpoint. Consistent and ongoing training of our staff is her primary focus.

Miguel Marquez, Director of Operations for both our Corporate and Loyalty Divisions
Miguel Marquez
Director of Operations for both our Corporate and Loyalty Divisions

Miguel started working with Montrose Travel in 1994 as an assistant, where he quickly worked his way up to be a seasoned corporate travel counselor. In 1997, Miguel became the Supervisor of Montrose Travel's Commercial Division and then became its Manager in 1999. Being responsible for the day-to-day in-house operations of his Division, Miguel has done a superior job of training and motivating his staff with the ultimate objective of constant and consistent customer service and satisfaction. In January 2004, Miguel took on the responsibility of Loyalty Rewards Manager. Additional responsibilities have been added to Miguel's job and he has been promoted to Director of Operations for both our Corporate and our Loyalty Divisions.

Kathy Nolan, Director of Accounting
Kathy Nolan
Director of Accounting

Kathy graduated from the University of Santa Barbara in 1997. Post graduation, she moved to northern California where she worked as an Accounting Operations Supervisor for a travel company located in the Silicon Valley. Kathy and her husband, Scott, moved back to Southern California in June 2000 to be closer to family. In July 2002, Kathy joined Montrose Travel as the Manager of Accounting. She enjoys a good challenge in her job and strives to automate the processes of accounting. Her favorite part of her job is seeing a project that will improve efficiencies and results come to completion.

Kathy and Scott are the proud parents of two tenacious outgoing boys, JJ (5) and Lucas (2). Kathy enjoys keeping active and playing any kind of sport with her two boys.

Susan Pelico, Manager, Corporate Sales
Susan Pelico
Manager, Corporate Sales

With 25 years in the travel Industry. Susan Pelico uses her expertise consistantly seeking new business as Corporate Sales Manager for Montrose Travel. She continues to strive to bring in sales and to further our Corporate Accounts. Prior to Corporate Sales, Susan just wanted to see the world, so she became a Military Flight Attendant for Flying Tigers for 6 years. She holds a Bachelors in Communication Studies from CSULB.

Aash Shravah, Director of Corporate Sales
Aash Shravah, CTE
Director of Corporate Sales

Aash Shravah is a global traveler and devoted husband with over 20 years of experience in the travel management industry. Aash's passion for travel was sparked at an early age when he took an "Around the World" trip that literally circled the globe covering many countries and continents. In those days travel was different, service was amazing, extras like blankets and meals were never a charge item, and mid-flight visits to the cockpit were the highlight for all!

While Aash pursued his bachelor's degree in biochemistry at SUNY at Stony Brook, he worked in the travel industry at an American Express affiliate company. His time there exposed him to the business side of travel - and he simply hasn't looked back. Since his induction into travel consulting, Aash has worked with several major Fortune 500 companies assisting them with creating travel programs by providing optimization and innovative strategies to help them with their business. He has had several articles printed in travel industry publications such as BTN News and Travel Weekly. During his time at KIE, he received the Global President's Award in both 2007 and 2010, and he earned his CTE certification from the NBTA in 2010.

Aash's travels have taken him all over the world earning him the "1 Million Mile" status with a major airline. In his current position as Director of Corporate Sales at Montrose Travel, Aash is looking forward to building a travel powerhouse that provides companies with leading industry tools and solutions to create effective, efficient and traveler centric programs.

Melissa Truskett, Manager of Operations, Group Division
Melissa Truskett
Manager of Operations, Group Division

Melissa came to Montrose Travel in 1996 after working for 7 years at Nordstrom. Deciding to make her love of travel her career, she was hired at Montrose Travel as a Leisure Division assistant. After a short time she moved to the Groups/Meetings/Incentives Division, where she found her true calling. She started as an assistant and within a year was promoted to Group Coordinator. That led to her becoming the Lead Agent in the Group Division. In July of 2003, she was promoted to Supervisor of the Division upon the retirement of Nancy Bland, her Manager and mentor. In January of 2004, she was promoted to Manager of the Groups/Meetings/Incentives Division and has made it her goal to grow the Division while maintaining the excellent customer service that the Division is known for.

Donna Wiley, Director, Process Development and Quality Assurance
Donna Wiley
Director, Process Development and Quality Assurance

Donna began her career as a travel agent in Washington D.C. in 1982, with the desire to "see the world". The sun and the fun of California brought her to Los Angeles in 1989, where she has worked in various positions for some of the key travel agencies in the area. Since joining Montrose Travel in 1997 as the Manager of the Offline Automation Department, Donna�s responsibilities target non-web (offline) technology including quality control and all agent facing applications and automated process efficiencies.

In November 2010, Donna was promoted to Director of the department, which was renamed the Process Development and Quality Assurance Department.

Vahan Dede, Manage of Operations, Corporate Division
Vahan Dede
Manager of Operations, Corporate Division

Vahan was born and raised in Istanbul. His love for travel began in Limerick, Ireland where he received his private pilot license at the age of 23. Vahan joined the Montrose Travel Operations team in December 2011. He brings with him a wealth of experience After moving to Los Angeles in 1984, he embarked on his travel industry career by working for both TWA and Continental Airlines. After working with airlines for 9 years, he transitioned to travel agencies with a focus on operations. He has worked for major companies in the role of Corporate Travel Manager, managing various types of corporate clients - ranging from entertainment to groups. Operational excellence and customer satisfaction is Vahan's ultimate goal.

Candace Jacob, Assistant Manager, Leisure & Romance Divisions
Candace Jacob
Assistant Manager, Leisure & Romance Divisions

Candace began her career in the travel industry in 1994 as a receptionist for Australian Pacific Tours then quickly moved into reservations. Candace has spent the last 14 years with Brendan Vacations focusing primarily on fine tuning their Operations Department. Candace graduated from the University of Phoenix with a BS in Business Management. She is married to Tom and they have an awesome 8 year old son named Evan.

Melissa Murray, Manage, Supplier Relations
Melissa Murray
Manager, Supplier Relations

Melissa began her career in the travel industry in 1994 in reservations for Qantas Vacations and then moved into Air database management. Melissa spend the past 12 years with Brendan Vacations holding positions in the ticketing department, a Manager for their Air Consolidation division, and most recently in Marketing as a Manager for Partner Relationships. She is married to Justin and they have a sweet little boy Trent (6) and two crazy 3 year old twins, Tatum and Devan.

Lilly Cervantes, Manage, Leisure & Romance
Lilly Cervantes
Manager, Leisure & Romance Divisions

Lilly started her career in the travel industry working for United Vacations. The amazing training she received their helped her love the travel industry. 24 years later, She is still in love with this industry. Most recently Lilly worked for Brendan Vacations for 14 years and managed the FIT call center division. She is married and has two boys, 8 and 4.

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Montrose Travel Overview

Founded: 1956
Annual Revenues: $110+ Million
Employees: 150
Home Based Agents: 280+
Location: Montrose, CA
Preferred Supplier Partnerships: We have strong relationships with many of the leading Travel Suppliers
Affiliations: PATH, NACTA, OSSN, ARC, Ensemble, ARTA, IATA, ASTA and CLIA